Golden Tofu    $6

Deep fried tofu with crushed peanut in sweet chili sauce

Crispy Spring Roll    $6

Glass noodle, carrot, celery, black pepper, cilantro

Veggie Dumplings    $6

Mixed vegetables dumplings with black bean sauce (available in steamed or fried)

Thai Dim Sum    $6

Minced chicken and water chestnuts wrapped with wonton (available in steamed or fried)

Fresh Siamese Rolls    $7

Tofu, bean sprouts, lettuce and mint leaves wrapped in fresh rice paper with dipping sauce

Sa-Tae    [Chicken $9 / Beef $10]

Grilled marinated chicken or beef strips on skewers with cucumber salad and peanut sauce

Curry Puffs    $8

Siamese pastry stuffed with potatoes, onions and curry powder

Wontons With Cheese    $7

Mozzarella cheese wrapped with wonton, served with sweet & sour sauce

Honey Pork Ribs    $8

Back ribs marinated with garlic, pepper, honey and traditional Thai spices

Beef Jerky    $8

Thai traditional style beef jerky with Thai chili sauce

Golden Fish Cake    $8

Deep fried fish paste, mixed with Thai chili paste, green beans and kaffir lime leaves with cucumber sweet chili sauce topped with crushed peanuts

Vegetarian Tempura    $7

Deep fried carrots, broccoli, green beans, onions, bell peppers and baby corn with sweet & sour sauce

Fried Shrimp    $8

Deep fried battered shrimp with sweet & sour sauce

Shrimp in Rolls    $8

Deep fried marinated shrimp and garlic in spring roll

Mee Krob    $8

Crispy noodle mixed with tofu and chicken

Fried Calamari    $8

Crispy squid with sweet chili sauce

Angel Wings    $8

Battered chicken wings stuffed with ground chicken, carrots, onions, potatoes and glass noodles

Fried Soft Shell Crab    $10

Deep fried soft shell crab topped with garlic and special sauce

Crying Tiger    $10

Grilled boneless beef short ribs with Thai spicy sauce

Thiptara Delight    $14

Wonton cheese, curry puffs, chicken Sa-tae and spring rolls